About Us

R-BAX Epoxy Flooring offers quality concrete restoration techniques to repair and beautify your existing concrete floors.  Cracks happen! Stains happen! But an epoxy coating or an epoxy stain job can hide it all forever.  Rich Baxter, owner, and installer has been sealing concrete for over 17 years and has the knowledge and products to create a new look that will last!

Two-part epoxy paints come in many colors and when combined with decorative colored paint chips to match your homes color scheme you can’t go wrong,

Prep!  Prep!  Prep! It all starts with the preparation of the concrete surface, grinding the surface of your concrete opens the pours that are in the concrete and allows the epoxy paint to settle and grip the new abraded surface, without this grinding the paints will lift and cause future anguish and costs. R-BAX Epoxy grinds each floor and fills all irregularities on the floor’s surface prior to applying the color-coat paints thus giving you a smooth surface of color and texture.

“Epoxy Clear-Coat” is the final step, this Clear – Coat acts as the “wear layer” over the color if normal usage should ever wear down this clear – coat we can return to apply another layer and make your floor look new again!

Please call for a free quote, realtors, builders, and homeowners all have benefitted from our services.

We have many happy local references who have offered to confirm, show, and recommend   R-BAX Epoxy Flooring!

Remember!   It doesn’t have to be just the garage anymore!

– Rich Baxter


RBax Epoxy Flooring